Welcome to the AnviOS Database, the home of the Raze City lore!

I am sorry if my english is not always the most perfect it can be, but its not my native language and besides i keep updating the site to reflect the best content i can always and every time the need is there.


This website is set up so that i can share and write my lore, its a huge world of interconnected cities, countries and characters. It starts in 2031 but the main part of it takes place in the late 4040s. It's a sci-fi world build up step by step, first set up back in 2008 and still work in progress. I have expertly drawn images and references for most things in my world here, and there is plenty of eyecandy to look at, and read ofcause as i flesh out the lore and story here as we go.


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Illustrations by multiple artists but mainly Runtyink does most of the images found on this website. along with WingedZephyr and all logoes and informational graphics are by me.

How it all began

Back in 2007 i saw this documentary about furries on the Danish national television association. It was about this guy who dressed up as his sona (furry character) and went out to socialize as such, i thought it was cute, sweet and i sorta liked the idea of anthropomorphic animals who cuddle and socialize being cute that seemed pretty rad to me. I went about creating my first OC (Original Character) as a fursona and joined an online forum. That character was "Mittie" and today she is still in my story as you will see on the site.


I started with the lore of my story in 2008, Microsoft office, just sitting there fleshing it out and over multiple years i managed to get it as i wanted it, yet i still tweak and maintain even the older parts of the story and lore to make sure it all makes as much sense as it can, fixing plotholes and general maintenance as you might.


This website is relatively new, it was created in early 2019 but firstly setup to work as i wanted it in early 2020. And now comes the big job of adding all of my lore to this website as well as the story.

How does it work?

So i use the wordpress Blog functionality to add the stories as i write them giving them appropriate tags and categories. I will be adding all of my fursonas and original characters, world information and general facts to seperate site as we go, you will be able to find here, if you are interested make sure to follow the site weekly, at some point i will create a newsletter for the site as well.


Thanks for reading! Cheers - Skya